Review about “The Lost Ways” – The Survival Guide by Claude Davis

It is really hard for some peoples to imagine the world without all the facilities we now have.

What if this world goes out of resources or we have to face any natural or man-made disaster? What to do if we have to leave our luxurious lifestyle and struggle for survival? Perhaps it is unimaginable for many peoples. But, there is good news. A book written by Claude Davis strives to answer such question related to survival after facing any disastrous situation. But Claude Davis has tried to answer such questions. He has written it in his book” The Lost Ways”.

the lost ways review

Claude Davis prepares mankind for any action to take during a disastrous period. He shares the methods of our ancestors and how they survived difficult situations. They were able to cope with toughest conditions. They were able to make their living by going through hardships. But what modern man should do in if any of such things happen.

One can claim why to bother when everything is good. Why should anyone care when everything is right and world is developing? Claude asks to prepare for any tough condition which can occur. He suggests preparing for those conditions by doing things our ancestors used to do.

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Many people have showed their concerns regarding the authenticity of this book. Some have even called it “The Lost Ways Scam”. They have refused to say that it is a good book in any sense. But it is also considerable that this book makes one capable of doing many things. This book guides reader through dangerous life situations and what to do during those situations.

This book takes readers back to the methods and techniques adopted by our forefathers. Claude takes through all those techniques used by our ancestors to survive in an environment which lacked facilities of modern life. More details about this book can be found by at

Basic Human Needs

This book addresses different types of human needs and how to fulfill them.

Food is a basic necessity for humans. This book presents techniques which are related to preservation of food which can be used for long time, prepared with natural ingredients. Without refrigeration these foods can be maintained to use for another time. There are some simple methods in book about how to do it properly. It also teaches how to hunt animals.

Health is also a major concern for humans. In the absence of more advanced medicines, People will expect you to do something in in case any disease happens. It will make you to do something to be recognized in a community.

Shelter and housing are one of the basic needs of human. This book presents methods to easily provide housing and shelters for you. It provides ways to build houses for you like the ancestors did.
the lost ways review


The Lost Ways Book by Claude Davis makes you self-sufficient to do your tasks. It guides you through step by step methods to do something at your own. You don’t need to take help from an expert. It is an easy to use book.

This book tries to prepare for the unexpected situations of life. It makes the reader to take a stand against the dangerous situations rather than just watching and letting it happen.

One of the most significant benefits of this book is that it makes your self-reliant. It teaches you how to depend on yourself. The Lost ways book price is really low when we consider the benefits it provides.

Negative Points about the Book

There are some negative points attributed to this book. This book focuses on individual and releases the government from its responsibilities. Moreover, some techniques described in this book cannot be applied in modern times.